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Rita Ribs BBQ Restaurant

Rita Ribs BBQ has opened its doors to bring you the smokiest and most delicious flavors of the region.

Our paradise of flavor invites you to a unique gastronomic experience, where the undisputed stars are our juicy and tender Baby Back Ribs , accompanied by a wide variety of smoked dishes. Each bite will transport you to a world full of authenticity and tradition.

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✓ Smoked Flavors To Go

Our juicy cuts of meat, cooked with wood heat, meticulously portioned and vacuum sealed. If you liked our delicious smoked products, you can enjoy them at home in a vacuum pack version, order them at the grocery store.

✓ Economy in Expenses

By purchasing vacuum-packaged meats individually, savings are achieved in acquisition and storage costs. As they are previously prepared, they help reduce both the time and the cost of labor in the restaurant.

✓ Menu versatility

With us you can expand the variety of dishes on your menu without worrying about the availability of meat. This allows consistency in the offer to be maintained and customer satisfaction guaranteed.