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Hotel La Calma de Rita – Pirque

Near Santiago, in the town of Pirque, is the Hotel La Calma de Rita, one of the most welcoming and innovative rural tourist attractions in the region.

This venture was born more than 10 years ago under the direction of Cristian Rosenthal, who without much hotel experience, but with vast empirical knowledge, developed this successful project with different business lines, which have continued to grow and consolidate over time.

The original project was born as a guest house where he, as the perfect host, cooked and served his passengers, coming from Germany and other latitudes, who stayed in the first two rooms of the original house.


Subsequently, " CAVAS" rooms were built, generating a unique experience, such as sleeping inside a 14,000-liter American oak barrel. The careful setting of this room invites the passenger to experience the fascinating world of wine from within.

At the same time, the " Carreta Magallanica" rooms were added, inspired by the carts that were used in the Patagonian pampas to control and protect sheep. Another particularity is the " 1960 Mac Truck" room, where the body was transformed into a comfortable room Undoubtedly, these types of themed rooms, as a whole, have managed to generate a unique and unforgettable experience for our guests.


For its part, our cozy Restaurant contemplates a rich and varied cuisine, considering raw materials from entrepreneurs in the area, with the purpose of supporting the circular economy of the sector. Several tables and chairs have been part of other emblematic restaurants, such as City BAR, which was located around the corner from the National Congress, in the heart of Santiago. On the other hand, the Bar furniture was obtained from some warehouses located in the Port of Valparaíso, which have been restored and are now part of our Hotel.


All this speaks of another factor that makes us proud, such as our concern for the care of the privileged natural environment that surrounds us, for this reason concepts such as recycling and conscious use of resources are fundamental in the sustainability of our operations.


The project currently includes 14 themed rooms, a country food restaurant, massage service, Turkish bath, steam room, hot top, outdoor pool, antique shop and furniture restoration, rooms with terrace and exclusive hydromassage, and an emporium. field with healthy, sugar-free, vegetarian, vegan products and our latest innovation low-carb dishes

The emporium also includes the sale of vacuum-packed food with delivery to all of Santiago.

This last business unit was born in response to the new needs for healthy eating and home delivery that the current pandemic has generated.